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5 fascinating reasons to spend a holiday on the Sunshine Coast

Wanting to have a wonderful getaway? The Sunshine Coast is waiting for you! Think of magnificent beaches, warm and clear seawater, and rich natural attractions. Those are only a few holiday Sunshine Coast wonders you can experience.

The list goes on with fantastic art, food, and culture the region has. It has a long list of animals and plants you can meet and greet. Of course, you can enjoy the enthralling water activities in the coast too!

Why spend a holiday on the Sunshine Coast

With all the options for a holiday in Sunshine Coast, it’s quite difficult to choose where to go. Thus, you should know 5 of the biggest reasons that make it an excellent place for getaways. And, such reasons are the best wonders it has.

Stunning beaches

Sunshine Coast boasts more than a hundred-kilometre stretch of beach. It includes the Mooloolaba Beach and Noosa Main Beach, which are unique in Australia as both face northward. It houses the Kings Beach as well, which is the best beach in the state according to Surf Life Saving Queensland. Click here Accom Caloundra

And, you can enjoy these beaches through various ways. You can simply relax on the sand or swim the blue waters. You can try different watersports too.

Fantastic Australia Zoo

A holiday on the Sunshine Coast wouldn’t be complete without greeting the animals at the Australia Zoo. It houses different animals from around the world, such as Tasmanian devils, meerkats, camels, zebras, llamas, and tigers. And, it features crocodile feeding as the main attraction.

Satisfying local markets

A few markets can help you experience a different angle of the Sunshine Coast. For example, the Eumundi market has dozens of different stalls. These stalls sell food, souvenirs, clothing, jewellery, and artwork among other products. The Noosa Farmers market is perfect if you want fresh products from the Sunshine Coast.

Fascinating Noosa everglades

An everglade is a swampy area with tall trees and has networks of tracks and waterways. And, there are only two everglades in the world, and one is found here. You should explore the Noosa Everglades and appreciate its rich biodiversity. It is also known for perfect reflections on the water, gaining its moniker “River of Mirrors”.

The Noosa Everglade sits at the upper region of Noosa Region, within the Noosa Biosphere Reserve. You can include it in your holiday Sunshine Coast checklist, but you need to set half or a whole day for it. That’s enough to complete iexploring its 60-kilometre stretch of water by boating or kayaking.

Enjoyable festivities, food, and art

The region also houses varieties of food, arts, and festivities. You can enjoy them throughout your holiday Sunshine Coast experience.

It has art galleries and exhibits. You can taste and appreciate native Australian bush food as well. Moreover, the region features art, music, and watersports festivals occasionally.

These let you enjoy the culture of the region on a whole new level.

These are just a few of the biggest reasons why you should enjoy a vacation on the Sunshine Coast. You just need to look for the best Sunshine Coast accommodation at, and travel to the region right away!

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