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How to pick your dog’s Halloween costume

Halloween is a great way to spend time with your dogs and to meet other people and their dogs. The festivities is a great bonding and fun experience for both of you and your dog. If you are thinking of buying dog costumes for Halloween, here are things you should keep in mind.

dog costumes for halloween

Know your dog’s personality

Halloween is the perfect time to showcase your pet’s funny, cute, or scary costumes. Some dogs even enjoy dressing up and bask in the attention that they get. But for some, this can be highly stressful, especially for anxious and timid dogs. Before the big day, do a dress rehearsal and see how your dog reacts. Pay attention to their body language and watch out for signs of distress such as:

  • Pawing and/or biting the costume
  • Laying on the ground and refusing to move
  • Restlessness

If you see these signs take the costumes off immediately. Look for alternatives that your pet will less likely to be anxious about like small hats or a bandana.

Avoid choking hazards

Just like kids, dogs are naturally taste-curious. Dogs would naturally lick and taste test anything new and unfamiliar. Avoid dog costumes for Halloween with beads, sequins or other small and hard materials. These could get loose due to the dogs licking and could be ingested accidentally. Likewise, stay away from glitter as much as possible as they can cause problems when ingested. When going out in public, always keep an eye out for other debris or pieces of costume that your dog might try to eat. Bring a flashlight if you must to inspect anything on the floor that the dog might find. Click here Bitch New York

Comfort comes first

When choosing big dog Halloween costumes, comfort should be the primary criterion. The costume should not restrict walking, breathing, drinking/eating, and relieving themselves. Make sure that the costume is not too tight that it is uncomfortable or too loose that it hampers their mobility. This is another reason why test fitting the costume beforehand is important. Make sure the costume does not cover their ears and eyes. Your dog relies on these senses as much as their smell and they could become anxious if they are obstructed in any way. The main goal is to make your dog think costumes are a positive experience.

Sometimes less is more

As a pet owner, it is easy to get carried away with your dog’s costume. You would want something elaborate and as unique as possible. But when it comes to dogs, less is more. Most often than not, the cleverest costume often gets the most attention. Silly hats and bandanas are popular large dog costumes for Halloween that are simple costume and easy to pull off. Emphasise more on your dog’s personality rather than the costume and they’ll surely turn heads and win hearts.

Make the costume highly visible

As you probably would go trick-or-treating at night, it can be dangerous for pets. They might get excited with meeting other dogs or get scared by the crowd and break free from the leash by accident. They might run off to dangerous places or worse, unto incoming traffic. To help prevent this, make their costumes as visible as possible so that you and others can spot them easily. You can do this by using bright colours or reflective material. Bells or any noisemakers make best small dog Halloween costumes. People are made aware of their presence should they go running off.

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