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Rest your tired soul at the Phnom Penh paradise, YK Arthouse Hotel

The primary challenge for people when they embark on a journey is the accommodation’s feel. Many individuals simply do not really feel relaxed due to that.

Sometimes, when you book a hotel after a strenuous stroll or a local trip, you wish to feel like you’re just in your own house. Fortunately, a certain lodging in Phnom Penh Cambodia is fashioned for these types of travellers and their requirements. That is why we booked this serviced apartment, YK Arthouse hotel in Cambodia Phnom Penh.

we booked this serviced apartment

Why many tourists spent a night at this bedroom apartment

We booked this serviced apartment because of its special element for artists, musicians, and the like. The resort provides an easy accommodation alternative, half-board, as well as a place where you can do your own thing assuming that you are an artist or musician and want a career in Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

What YK Arthouse Hotel supplies

The resort has ten double bedrooms and also three apartment units. While the double bedrooms appear to be like the usual accommodation rooms, apartment units offer the visitors a genuine authentic home feel. More info on there room here:

In addition, every apartment unit is geared up with cooking amenities. As a result, assuming that you desire the food items you’ve been always cooking, you can rely on their fully furnished kitchens. Additionally, the kitchen area centres provide tourists with that warm atmosphere that some travellers yearn.

That is one of the solid reasons why we booked this serviced apartment. This is excellent for guests who are families, travelling artists, business people, as well as the ordinary tourists who are exhausted by the typical resort feel. Furthermore, this setup aids you to feel like you are just in the house whenever you are.

Where to find YK ArthouseHotel

The YK Arthouse resort in Phnom Penh Cambodia lies in the actual centre of the urban area, near Riverside and St 308. Just in case you don’t know: St 308 is a pool of dining establishments, taverns, in addition to many helpful and also fascinating local organisations for travellers.

YK Arthouse is additionally around Sangkat Tonle Bassac, where most brand-new companies that work with growth ventures operate. If you want easy access to that hotspot, the YK Arthouse hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia is the perfect haven for you.

Reserving a charming unit at YK Arthouse Hotel

You can schedule the lodging directly at their website by picking an option “book” for as little as 25 USD per evening. It’s a remarkable cost, isn’t it?

Furthermore, whenever you book a room at this resort, you can support a variety of local charitable organizations like those that aid kids who are differently abled.

There are also visitors who like to do things on their own, most likely to check out neighbourhood tourist attractions, obtain visas if needed, seek transport and more. If you want to embark on a holiday where whatever is taken care of for you, the YK Arthouse team will prepare it as well.

Other services YK Arthouse can offer

Along with holiday accommodation, YK Arthouse hotel likewise supplies the following options:

  • City excursions, both private and in a group of other tourists
  • Visa services
  • Bus reservations
  • Car services
  • Events organization

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